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Dan Thurston, Mental Toughness Trainer – Specializing In Youth Sports Confidence Building

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Specializing In:

Triggering Consistent Levels of Confidence During Competition

The dictionary defines confidence as: "belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities." For all the talk and advice about how valuable it is for baseball players, young and old, to be confident, I am shocked at how little anyone really does toward actually building it. The standard advice to boost a player's confidence is simply to deliver a lot of encouragement such as: [...]

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Crush It In The Game Like You Do In Practice

Oh the old famous question, "How do I rip it on game day like I do in practice?"  This is a question that I hear almost daily. I had a coach explain to me that it was easy to understand.  In batting practice they KNOW they are getting a belt high fast ball right down the middle, but on game day the pitcher is constantly changing speeds and locations.  So I had the coach d [...]

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Pitcher’s Unexpected Loss of Velocity or Command

We have all seen a pitcher cruising along, mowing down the other team, and then POOF!!!  It's gone!!! How did that happen? Did his mechanics change?  Did he suddenly forget how to pitch?  Is it a fatigue issue? Generally speaking...no, none of these are the answer.  I will argue (a little later in the post) that his mechanics have changed...although not to the nak [...]

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Get Out of a Slump

Every baseball player experiences it....an 0-for-3 or 0-for-4 in a game or maybe even a couple of games in a row or longer.  It hurts and is emotionally painful, I know, I've been there myself in my playing days.  It's even worse when you go 0-fer because you aren't connecting with the ball and striking out or making weak outs in the field.  All sorts of negative thoughts an [...]

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