The 1-Minute Mental Practice

Anyone who has been around the game of baseball has seen it countless times.  A player strikes out and his body language screams, “I suck!!!  I am a failure!!”

His parents are encouraging, “It’s okay Matt!!!”

His teammates try to pick him up, “Don’t worry Matt…we still have plenty of innings left.  You will get him next time.”

The Coach does his best by yelling, “Matt…put that behind you.  We need you in the field now!!!”

And wouldn’t you know it…Matt is still sulking about his strike out when….CRACK!!!  The batter hits the first pitch of the next inning to Matt, and….ERROR!!

Baseball is a very unforgiving sport.  Players don’t have time to pout and ponder the last mistake….for the next mistake could already be on the way.

In our Mental Toughness Training Program at Long Toss Indiana, we have developed a 1-Minute Mental Practice where players can rid themselves of the interference of the last mistake and be ready for the next play or next pitch.  This has been HUGE in teaching players to move on, flush it, and be ready.

If this sounds like something that would help your game, it’s time to make the call to Long Toss Indiana at 855-566-4867. (Extension 3 will put you in touch with me at our Mental Toughness Training Program.)

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