About Me

In all of my years of playing and coaching baseball, the most heartbreaking thing we see in baseball is a player with all the talent in the world who can’t bring it to a competitive game or under pressure.

Many coaches teach basic “mental toughness” principles but simply do not have the expertise nor the patience to go beyond simplistic advice such as “just relax” and “you need to focus.”  Baseball is an unforgiving sport and if a player doesn’t exhibit a level of mental toughness and doesn’t perform to potential, coaches are very quick to find someone to take their place. There’s always someone at a lower level ready to fill any player’s spot and everyone knows how expendable they are.

I found this aspect of the great sport of baseball to be unacceptable to me.  As a coach I was so tired of  and frustrated at seeing great players wash out of high-level play and so I vowed that I would find the ultimate solution to bringing out a player’s full potential in competition.

Over the last 20 years, I have been obsessed with this mission and in recent years, have fine tuned and honed a unique, methodical process that combines 4 decades of experience with a highly efficient structured approach to developing an unstoppable mental toughness mindset that holds up under pressure:  The R.A.C.E. Formula.

Every player is more than willing to spend hours upon hours of working on his or her physical game.  They work on their swing, footwork, pitching delivery, fielding and arm strength.  Well, the mental game is no different and those players that understand this and work it, now have a fantastic advantage. Consistent confidence at the plate or the mound is the new frontier for maximum performance.

Mental toughness is a skill that can be learned, acquired, and even mastered and I look forward to your player sending me another glowing report about breaking through and performing at the next level from our work together.  Call me now to see if your player is a good candidate for the program.