My Most Challenging Client Ever

One of the more challenging clients I have worked with was a 14U girls softball player named Carmen. Carmen played on an elite travel softball team and was very successful. Her father brought her in and said she just wasn’t playing with the SWAG and CONFIDENCE she always had before.

We spoke for some time about her new coach, her new teammates, and other changes in her. I struggling to find a reason why she had lost her confidence.

During our conversation about recent games, it came up that she had played in a championship game of a tournament with some very strong teams. During that championship game she had just gotten a 1-out double in the last inning and represented the tying run. She was so proud of that double as it came against one of the toughest pitchers in the region.

Carmen said the next batter grounded out to the second baseman and she advanced to third. There she was, the tying run, 3rd base, 2 outs, the championship game, and against great competition. It couldn’t get any better than this…and then…

She took her secondary lead on the pitch and the catcher made a perfect snap throw down and BOOM!!! She was out!!!

Her exact words to me were, “HOW EMBARRASSING!!!”

Carmen was so embarrassed that she had let her teammates down, her coaches down, her parents down…and worst of all…her three best non-softball playing friends and boyfriend were in the stands to watch the game. She was devastated.

Carmen told me her coach and teammates were very supportive and after she got home she forgot all about the event. She said she no longer thought about it and assumed she had gotten over the whole thing.

But, it was obvious her unconscious mind was still holding on to the fear of being embarrassed again. This fear was affecting her confidence, her SWAG, and more importantly how her body performed on Game Day.

I plugged her into our 4-Session R.A.C.E. Formula. Carmen went to work as well. I would like to tell you that in 4 sessions, she was the same old Carmen and back to a strong, confident player. But that was not the case. It took  a few more sessions and I still see Carmen for follow up sessions when she needs it.

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