Crush It In The Game Like You Do In Practice

Oh the old famous question, “How do I rip it on game day like I do in practice?”  This is a question that I hear almost daily.

I had a coach explain to me that it was easy to understand.  In batting practice they KNOW they are getting a belt high fast ball right down the middle, but on game day the pitcher is constantly changing speeds and locations.  So I had the coach do an experiment.  I had him use his new, expensive pitching machine, to change the speeds, locations and pitch types (fast balls, curve balls, etc.) in batting practice.  Wouldn’t you know it, the same players were able to identify pitches and adjust their swings accordingly.  But on game day, they still struggled to make good, solid contact.

It became apparent to me that the disconnect was NOT the mechanics of the swing or pitch recognition.  The interference causing these players from not hitting in the game like they do in practice was MENTAL!!!!

Baseball players almost always return to their physical skills training when they struggle to perform.  They spend more time in the cage, work on their swings off of a tee, soft toss, front toss, and live arm batting practice.  Players spend countless hours videoing their pitching delivery looking for disconnects.

The coach did his best Mental Toughness Trainer Impression and met with his players and told them, “You see how you hit in practice.  You have a great swing.  You just have to believe in yourself.  Blah, blah, blah.”  Now this coach is a very good friend of mine and he is an excellent teacher of mechanical skills and tremendous in-game master of strategy.  It is simply out of his expertise to address the training of mental toughness to his players.

I was brought in to work with these players on their mental game.  I gave them some guided visualization techniques that totally changed their mental approach on game day.

The results were phenomenal.  In a short period of time, these players were more focused and relaxed during competition, which eliminated their fears and interference, and soon their physical skills that they had all along began to shine.

If your son or daughter suffers from performance anxiety that interferes with allowing their physical skills to shine through on GAME DAY like they do in practice, give me a call at 855-566-7867 and lets go over our free initial assessment.