Let’s Get Mental–Changing Your Mental Approach is Serious Business

I recently had a college pitcher come to me to discuss his possibilities of playing professional baseball. He is a Division 1 pitcher and his coaching staff had been working on his “Mental Game” with him, so he came to me on a Sunday and we kept it on the down low. For the record we will call him “Lefty.”

“Lefty” said that several pro scouts had been in touch with some of his teammates about the upcoming draft, but he had not a word from anyone.

I began as I typically do and asked him what he thought his biggest constraint was from limiting his chances of being selected in the draft. “Lefty” was quick to point out that he felt as though he had all of the physical tools and skills to be drafted. He was 6’4″ tall, 215 pounds, and his fastball velocity sat in the low 90’s. He was definitely right, the physical tools were there. “Lefty” went on to say that he has a problem with his mental game and often struggles when things aren’t going in right. When he gives up a couple of hits or some runs, he falls apart rather quickly.

I gathered additional information from “Lefty” so that I could get a complete picture of what he is all about. I asked him about his parents, growing up in the small town he grew up in, what kind of teammate he is, what his coaches have been like from a youth player up to the collegiate level, what his friends think about his talents, successes and failures.

It became very apparent to me that “Lefty” was so focused on getting to his goal of being drafted, that he had lost focus on the process. His FEAR of not reaching his goal was actually causing him to…..not reach his goal.

I suggested that we get “Lefty” started on our 4-Session R.A.C.E. Formula. The key for “Lefty” ended up changing his purpose for playing baseball. He worked very, very hard to change his mindset from playing baseball for a pro contract to playing baseball because he loved he game. As his reason for playing changed, so did the internal pressure he was putting on himself to succeed. The end result was a better teammate, a better attitude, and positive results.

“Lefty” and I still have individual sessions together. I am excited to announce that 7-8 MLB teams have been in touch with “Lefty” and he fully expects to hear his name announced during the June MLB Draft.

Call me today at 855-566-4867 and let’s talk about your Mental Toughness and how I can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

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