Triggering Consistent Levels of Confidence During Competition

The dictionary defines confidence as: “belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities.”

For all the talk and advice about how valuable it is for baseball players, young and old, to be confident, I am shocked at how little anyone really does toward actually building it.

The standard advice to boost a player’s confidence is simply to deliver a lot of encouragement such as:

“You can do it.”

“We’re rooting for you.”

“You are an awesome hitter/pitcher/fielder.”

“You’ve done it before, you can do it again.”

And there ends the amount of mental work coaches, players, and parents do to build the player’s confidence (besides praying for a hot streak)… which is very ineffective.

Yes, of course, the more you work on your skills and put in the time and effort in practice the more confident you get.  That is very true and a given.  However, I have worked with countless youth athletes who are the hardest workers on the team and still suffer from lack of confidence.  SO THAT’S NOT THE ANSWER!!

Also, we all know that having a recent performance success tends to create confidence in the short term.  If a player has just gone 5-for-5, he’s probably going to feel very confident going up for his next at bat!!  No mystery there!

But what are we supposed to do if we haven’t had any recent success?

The answer lies in the dictionary definition above and the word, “abilities.”

Follow me here… Those vague rah rah encouragements above don’t have any affect on building confidence because they are not specific enough for the young player to believe it.  That’s the key to building confidence…specificity.

I have a 14U baseball player in my Mental Toughness Training Program that I will call Troy.  Troy has a hard time dealing with failure and bouncing back from adversity.  If he strikes out at the plate, he tends to take his emotions out to the field with him, and would almost invariably then make an error in the field.

Troy’s confidence was shot because he struggled overcoming adversity.  Troy began training with me and was relentless in his dedication to change and overcome his obstacle.  He dove right into my 4-step formula and how has a system he can use to process failure and flush it before it compounds into additional mistakes.

Troy’s confidence is now off the charts and he is playing the game he loves without the fear of failure.

If you are currently struggling with your confidence and ready to find a system that can lead you to playing fearless…call me today at 855-566-4867, extension 3.