You Can’t Microwave Your Mental Game

There is little doubt that we live in a microwave society. Unfortunately that has led to players having an unrealistic view on how development works. This is especially true when they begin working on their mental game. They think there is always a quick, fast or simple way to get better. There is no easy button, silver bullet, or shortcut hack.

This thought process is not their fault. Google gives us the answer to almost anything within seconds. Don’t feel like cooking dinner? No problem, a drive thru dinner is a matter of minutes away. Or even if you do feel like cooking, the microwave oven has revolutionized dinner preparation.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about our culture. In fact, I take advantage of these modern conveniences as much as anyone. But there are some things that just can’t be sped up.

When it comes to developing high caliber champion thinking and being able to call on those mental skills under pressure, there is no shortcut. You cannot microwave the process, you must slow cook it. Not only does it take time, it takes a tremendous amount of effort, dedication and determination as well. Developing a champion mindset is not for the weak.

I hope this does not discourage you. In fact, I hope it encourages you and motivates you. The reason you should be encouraged about this is that most people will not spend the required time and effort needed to become a high caliber performer. All you have to do is decide you WILL. You WILL put in the necessary time and effort.

Like JJ Watts says, “Success isn’t owned. It is leased. And rent is due every day.”

Many are just looking for the one-time buy. They are not willing to pay the price day in and day out.

If you are willing to pay the price each and ever day and put in the work with the right mental toughness program, you will pass many who are just looking for the microwave process.

Stay the course and pay the rent every day!!!

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